The Need for Unequivocal Communication When Renewing a Lease

When a lease is renewed, the process must be in conformity with the conditions agreed and the intention of the lessee to exercise the right of renewal must be indicated clearly and unequivocally. Although one would assume that this is a relatively simply process, the case ofVan Leeuwen v Super Shine Products Ltd (HC, 27/01/2011) suggests [...]

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Tax Changes from 1 April 2011

Sales between property owners who are GST registered will be zero rated where the purchaser will be engaging in an activity which will be subject to GST, as for example commercial leasing or where the property will be used as a business premises of the new owner. The level of occupancy of the property as at [...]

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Significant Changes to LAQCs Around the Corner

Companies running a Loss Attributing Qualifying Company (LAQC) will surely need to be aware of the significant tax changes becoming effective on 1 April 2011. From this date, LAQCs will have six months to transition to the newly created entity called a Look Through Company (LTC). The change has come from last year’s Government Budget [...]

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